Using handmade glass from around the world, Michelle Sider incorporates these materials with stone, metal, handmade clay pieces, beads and other materials to create exquisite mosaics. These stunning pieces change colors as the light in a space changes throughout the day. Michelle begins all of her pieces by researching her topic.  She then creates numerous drawings and paintings before translating these ideas into a glass mosaic. Glass is an exquisite and temperamental material requiring precise cutting and placement and a great deal of patience. Using ancient stone and glass cutting techniques, she slowly pieces together each mosaic .  Mosaics are ideal for both large and small surfaces as well as indoor and outdoor installations.  

Paintings and Drawings

Michelle Sider’s portraits, still life, abstract and landscape paintings are often studies in light and color. Incorporating strong design and vibrant color in her work, she creates a sense of movement in her pieces which contributes to the energy of the work.


Michelle has designed and facilitated numerous community art projects.  These projects are idea driven and involve group discussions, education and a fun hands-on experience for young and old alike. Working with school groups, community members, and educators, her projects often build a sense of community and purpose.


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Life Cycle & Ketubot 

When creating a piece of art for a life cycle event, Michelle interviews her clients and incorporate their interests, values and life style into the piece. Poetry and excerpts from literature can also be sources of inspiration. Clients often express their joy in seeing art which reflects a very personal aspect of their themselves, hanging in their home.