Still Life, Landscapes & Illustrations
My still life, abstract and landscape paintings are often studies in light and color. I incorporate strong design and vibrant color in my work. I enjoy creating a sense of movement in my pieces which contributes to the energy of the work.

Portraits & Figures
My portraits capture the personalities of my clients. I enjoy working from a live model and using reference photos to complete the final piece. I find this type of work very rewarding, as these pieces are often commissioned to commemorate special events in the model’s life. I have focused my energies recently on creating images of compelling women.

Life Cycle & Ketubot 
When creating a piece of art for a life cycle event, I interview the client and incorporate their interests and life style into the piece. Clients often tell me years later how much they enjoy seeing the art which reflects a very personal aspect of their lives, hanging in their home. In my customized ketubot work, I meet with a couple numerous times to incorporate images reflecting their personalities, tastes and relationship. Poetry and excerpts from literature can also be sources of inspiration. Most of my ketubot are painted with either watercolor or acrylic. Two options are available for my ketubot: hand painted and hand lettered or hand painted and computer generated lettering.

Creating glass mosaic art has been a more recent passion. I have created wall installations, furniture and smaller mosaic art pieces. This wonderful, reflective material is ideal for both large and small surfaces. I have worked in cooperation with a local cabinet maker to create elegant cabinets and furniture incorporating wood and glass mosaic.


I have designed and facilitated numerous community art projects.  These often involve learning about a topic, having discussions and a culminating art project. Some of my mosaics have been used for educational purposes with students. I have worked together with teachers and administrators incorporating art into their school curriculum. A ceremony often accompanies the installation of school related mosaics, where both students and teachers alike take pride in the culmination of months of study, creativity and artistry. These types of projects often build a sense of community and purpose.