Creating glass mosaic art is my current passion. Incorporating glass with stone, metal, beads and recently, bicycle parts has become a very rewarding experience.  This reflective material is ideal for both large and small surfaces as well as indoor or outdoor installations. My work includes both realistic and abstract images.  I am constantly challenging myself to try different techniques and applications and enjoying the process.  I hope you enjoy the work.

Paintings and Drawings

My still life, abstract and landscape paintings are often studies in light and color. I incorporate strong design and vibrant color in my work. I enjoy creating a sense of movement in my pieces which contributes to the energy of the work.


I have designed and facilitated numerous community art projects.  These projects are idea driven and involve group discussions, education and a fun hands-on experience for young and old alike. I have worked with school groups, community members, and educators.  These projects often build a sense of community and purpose.



Life Cycle & Ketubot 

When creating a piece of art for a life cycle event, I interview the client and incorporate their interests, values and life style into the piece. Poetry and excerpts from literature can also be sources of inspiration. Clients often tell me years later how much they enjoy seeing art which reflects a very personal aspect of their lives, hanging in their home.